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The core goal for Ascentas is business growth. We make our client’s business grow through increased sales and profitability. Ascentas succeeds in delivering this goal because of our unique combination of:

  •  Focused business analytics, and
  •  Our proprietary innovation processes

This proven formula is powerful because it fully integrates a strategic analysis of existing business assets with innovative and effective implementation. We work with you throughout the developmental process, not just at the beginning or the end. The result is that we focus on a path leveraging a business’ existing assets with its potential assets. We call this approach:

Creative Asset Leveraging

This integrated process of analysis and innovation distinguishes Ascentas from the plethora of marketing strategy consultants and creative boutiques. The Ascentas approach builds businesses in uniquely effective ways.

  •  Generating business growth in challenging environments
  •  Developing new products and services
  •  Stimulating and implementing turnarounds
  •  Analyzing due diligence opportunities for mergers and acquisitions
  •  Helping companies work through competitive situations: otherwise known as “war games"
  •  Enhancing techniques for innovative problem solving during the implementation process
  •  Accessing a network of senior executives with specific expertise for highly specialized situations

Our key executives have experience in innovative business development both on the client and on the service/consulting sides. Our proprietary methodology consists of trademarked techniques to elicit the best alternatives from both internal and external sources. Our results demonstrate the difference between our approach and that of other consulting firms.

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