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The Ascentas Creative Asset Leveraging™ approach maximizes the use of a business’ existing assets. The benefits are far reaching:

  • Effectiveness – because the strategic analysis of a company’s competitive strengths is the basis for creative exploration, each new business solution helps a company outperform its competition.
  • Implementation – leveraging a company's current abilities improves chances of successful implementation.
  • Innovation – the process forces a broader innovative effort, frequently identifying large, new, or untapped strategically valid markets. Thus, whole new businesses emerge rather than just a group of unrelated product ideas.
  • Risk reduction – financial and marketing risk is significantly reduced because the development costs are spread across whole businesses—and not over a series of unrelated products, each with its own development path, marketing plan and asset base.
  • Process management – the knowledge and experience of our senior executives in guiding business growth in a number of companies brings success quickly and efficiently.

Ascentas is the only business development firm that fully integrates strategy, innovation, and implementation in the development process. Ascentas leads to effective ideas, multiple products under one business strategy umbrella, and a continuous stream of new concepts and strategic directions.

We believe in our capabilities and our process and offer both fixed and entrepreneurial fee alternatives.


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