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The best new business concepts combine strategic focus and innovative methods. This basic formula can be implemented successfully and leverage the assets of a company. With creative development, familiar markets can be reached in new ways.

Traditional consultants approach this combination sequentially – first strategy development and then idea generation. The results of this process may be strategically correct; however, the recommendations typically lack originality and vision. The sequential process significantly limits the effectiveness of the developmental process and does not lead to the strongest path for business growth.

The Ascentas business development process starts with a thorough business analysis; then uses stimulus and response dynamics to integrate and focus innovation, analytics and implementation. Strategic factors and analysis become a constant stimulus for innovation. And innovation is effectively used to transform strategies into new opportunities.

Ascentas embodies this philosophy.

Our experience and methodology straddles the strategic and innovative landscapes in both the developmental stage and the implementation process. In this world of strategy consultants and creative boutiques, our proprietary process is unique. The result is a singular recipe for successful business growth.


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