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The real power in business development lies in complete integration of business experience and in-depth analytics with innovation in the strategic process. Analytics provide an information base about the business problem. Innovation techniques expand the breadth and scope of strategic analytics by looking at leverage factors in new ways. Strategy and experience focus the creative process, by discovering, enlarging, and setting the parameters of possibility.

Ascentas has developed a process to fully interlock innovation with strategic analysis at every step of the developmental process.

We call this our Innovation Interlock

We use strategic analysis interactively. First, to stimulate concept formation; then to utilize innovative techniques that lead to further developmental processes. The development of newer, but more focused, concepts generates further strategic analysis through another focused cycle. By innovatively leveraging a client's key assets, this process, developed and optimized in several different industries, produces broad-based new business opportunities.

This chart summarizes our exclusive 14-step process:

Creative Asset Leveraging

Every business area can generate growth concepts — manufacturing, logistics, technology, consumer, etc. This results in new products, new strategic directions and new service concepts. Ascentas expands and refines the concepts, identifies the key issues, and develops positionings. The result is a complete concept or strategy with highly specific, highly implementable, new business directions.

Although developing a new strategic business direction provides an excellent focus for building business, the implementation process is a road often fraught with potholes and obstacles.

To keep the process on a successful track, we utilize our innovation and problem solving techniques along the way. We also include human resources techniques for team and matrix management since development problems can also stem from unfocussed and poorly communicated efforts.

This integrated process brings outstanding benefits.

  • One client developed a new division that significantly changed the industry by introducing a new class of products.
  • A second found a new way of entering a market as a fourth major entry and eventually became the market leader.
  • Another identified several new entry strategies in whole lines of products to enter a category they had tried unsuccessfully to crack for several years.
  • Another, a financial services concern, faced profitability issues in the Far East and found a solution based on lowering customer acquisition costs.
  • Finally, a company with market leadership, threatened by a giant overseas competitor with superior technology, significantly increased market penetration when we refocused its developmental efforts.

All of these examples are specific case histories where the Ascentas proprietary process has yielded tangible business results. We would be happy to review all of these in greater depth.


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